First Time In Vietnam Top 7 Activities

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My first few days in Vietnam were not easy.  I definitely underestimated the frustrations that can come with transitioning from living in one city to the next on remote year. Leaving a place I grew to love (Malaysia), new friends and favorite foods to be thrown into a sea of motorcycle traffic, getting lost in unfamiliar areas and language barriers was challenging at first. After settling into Saigon and visiting the War Remnant Museum, I realized quickly how...


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Gone On Remote Year!

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I was scrolling Instagram one day and came across an ad. It was showing a guy walking into a hotel room, tossing his carry on bag aside and doing a slow motion backwards swan dive onto the bed. The caption read: "Travel The World While Working Remotely.  Now Accepting Applications!" If you can get your work done anywhere in the world, why sit at a desk and have to choose between work and travel? Why not do...


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