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Gone On Remote Year!

I was scrolling Instagram one day and came across an ad. It was showing a guy walking into a hotel room, tossing his carry on bag aside and doing a slow motion backwards swan dive onto the bed. The caption read: “Travel The World While Working Remotely.  Now Accepting Applications!”

If you can get your work done anywhere in the world, why sit at a desk and have to choose between work and travel? Why not do them both at the same time? I needed a change of scenery, an expanded social circle and new challenges!

Living a nomadic life on the road for as long as I have, I was instantly drawn in and filled out an application to see what it was all about. After a video interview and invitation to join, I became part of the remote year group “Kublai”. The group consists of 65 other people who are also spending the next year working remotely while traveling around the world together. Since I made this decision only two months before it was time to leave, there was a lot to get done in preparing for my Remote Year!

Below is my itinerary for the year. I will be living in each city for one month. Would love any suggestions on things to do, eat, see and if we will cross paths:

1. Feb) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2. Mar) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
3. April) Phnom Penh, Cambodia
4. May) Bangkok, Thailand

5. June) Belgrade, Serbia
6. July) Lisbon, Portugal
7. Aug) Prague, Czech Republic
8. Sept) Sofia, Bulgaria

9. Oct) Buenos Aires, Argentina
10. Nov) Córdoba, Argentina
11. Dec) Santiago, Chile
12. Jan) Lima, Peru

Currently, I’m writing this from our communal work space in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first month is almost over and we are getting ready to move to Vietnam for March (thanks God there’s that visa on arrival to Vietnam provided, one problem less). I honestly can’t believe I’m here and all this is actually happening (It’s not a scam!). I also realized I packed some ridiculous things. Example: A heating pad, blanket… What was I thinking? Its so freaking hot here, I’ve been sweating through several outfits a day!

Being one month in, I can say this has by far exceeded my expectations. The people in our group are talented and amazing. The local hosts have been immersing us in the culture in every way possible! Everything from food, religion, history, traditions, local community and so much more!

Although, I am living abroad for the next year, I’m still planning and managing my projects in America:

Camp Spin Off : Happening July 30- Aug 3rd 2017. I’ll be flying back for camp! Registration is now open. More info:

– Booking/Hosting on Airbnb & Homeaway. If you’re  looking for a private house to rent in Las Vegas, here are the links to check mine out and message me: Paradise Pool Retreat & VIP Guest House.

There have been so many crazy things happening this month that I can’t fit them all into one blog post. There will be more updates that will share some of the unique experiences along the way. Stay tuned…


Tina T.

 Here are some photos from Malaysia (Several by: Jay Dred):




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