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The DJ Gift Guide!

If your doing some Christmas shopping and are stuck on what to get that DJ in your life, I got you covered. Without getting into the technicalities of various equipment, here is a general list of what I think every DJ would love to have…

1. Record Frames


– Most DJs have a few sentimental records sitting in a pile collecting dust. They should be on display! I have a big collection with these record frames in my studio and love covering the walls with autographed album covers that mean a lot to me. Buy at an Urban Outfitters store or here: BUY

2. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


There are tons of options on the market. Beats By Dre has the “Pill” thats almost $200. Sol Republic has the “Deck” for $129.  If you are looking for something a little cheaper that still gets the job done. CLICK HERE.

3. DJ Jewelry

TurnTbl_Pend_Black_L 0001

This collection is worth checking out. Tons of cool necklaces and rings with headphones, turntables and speakers! BUY

4. Custom Serato Pressings/Control Vinyl (For DJ’s who use Turntables)


– If you dont know what this is, don’t worry. Its basically a pimped out record they will DJ with.  There are multiple colors and designs. Stick with the colors you know they would like. Best if bought in a pair: BUY

5. Custom Logo Stickers


Every DJ loves stickers and having a few with your logo or web site to give out would be a great stocking stuffer! BUY

6. Scratch (Documentary)


This is in my opinion something every DJ should have a copy of. Its a great documentary about the beginning of DJing. Order a copy here: BUY

7. DJ Classes & Continued Learning:

– Scratch DJ Academy has schools in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, LA and New York:

– Camp Spin Off is for teens ages 13-17. They can spend a week at sleep away camp in California learning how to DJ and produce music along with tons of other summer camp activities!

8. Music Subscriptions:

This is especially helpful for DJ’s who are still building their music collection. Its a monthly subscription to access and download music from these sites. I personally use the first one for all my music needs…

9. Gift Cards:

If all else fails and you want them to just pick out there own gift, here are a few stores that would carry most of what any DJ needs, regardless of genre, experience ect.:


I will be updating this list as we get closer to Christmas. I’m open to suggestions from other DJs of things to add. Please leave a comment…

Thanks for reading!


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