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Master Of The Mix w/ DJ Tina T. – Behind The Scenes (Episode 1)

MOTM_ScreenVH1Reality TV, something I never thought I would do! Honestly, I still can’t answer the question “Was it a good or bad experience?” It was definitely the most intense, challenging, difficult, exhausting, exhilarating and traumatizing experience of my DJ career so far. Was it good or bad? I won’t be able to tell you until the season has wrapped, but for now, lets talk about episode 1…

Two days before flying to Miami to film the show, I got the list of “approved music” and was told to create a 3 min set. Since I was in Seattle at the time, I want to give a big shout out to DJ DV ONE who answered my frantic phone call needing turntables to practice on!

Here are some things to keep in mind while watching the auditions.

  1. No one was allowed to see, use or test any of the equipment before stepping on stage.
  2. We used the new Rane 62 mixer. Since I was not familiar with it, during down time I googled an image to try and  visually study where the buttons were and how to use it.
  3. We did a 3 min audition set that was then edited down to 30 seconds for TV. Those editors have a tough job to do!

After arriving in Miami, I was still not confident with the routine I put together in Seattle and made some more calls attempting to get a set up in my hotel room. Another shout out to DJ SKITTY for coming to the rescue without any hesitation! I was able to stay up all night practicing.

Honestly, all the practice in the world could not have prepared me for what I was about to walk into. Although 5 songs were edited out of my set on TV, I can’t say the editing made me look bad because I genuinely had a rough time keeping it together.

Within the first 5 seconds of my routine I realized:

  1. The time I spent looking at diagrams of the mixer was a complete waste of time because I forgot most of it as soon as I walked on stage.
  2. The custom paint job they did to the turntables looked great but felt more slippery than ever. On top of it, using Butter Rug slip mats was a bad combination.
  3. 3 judges, an empty studio and being surrounded by national TV cameras has a major effect on my nerves. (I still don’t know if my hand was shaking or not?!)

Here is a picture of the DJ Equipment we used (and mixer without paint job):


At this point, everything I worked on has gone out the window, I’m learning the mixer as I go, trying to keep my records from slipping and overall just trying to hold a poker face and get through this! The judges were not impressed. Kid Capri is so brutally honest, but that’s what I respect most about him as a judge and person.

It was hours and hours of waiting around before we went into eliminations that night. None of us were able to see each others auditions, so at this point we couldn’t size up our competition in any way and had no clue where we stood.

Elimination time…


As I stand on the stage and am not hearing my name, all I can think is “Damn… I packed my bags to live in Miami for a month and now I might end up leaving in the morning!” Still not hearing my name… so now I’m just starting to think of positive things to say in my exit interview.

Thankfully, the judges saw my potential, my name is called and I’m “still in the mix!” I quickly realize this show is about to take me on a crazy emotional roller coaster ride. Uggghhh!!! Can I take this kind of pressure each night? What did I get myself into? This is crazy!

Doing this show is definitely putting myself in a vulnerable position to be judged by America. There are no “take 2” or do over’s, so you will see all my mistakes, highs and lows. Get ready! Its about to go down…

Watch the full first episode on the VH1’s web site by: CLICKING HERE!

Catch my blog each week for more updates!

– Tina T.

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