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Learning How To DJ In Serbia

Today I Sat in on a DJ workshop in Serbia to learn about the scene here. I was excited to watch the people I’m traveling with learn the basics of DJing for the first time! I was curious to see how it would be taught, what equipment they would use and how this would all […]

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Up Close & Personal With Elephants In Thailand

My month in Thailand was filled with DJing at Sugar Club, amazing street food, Muai Thai Fights, floating markets and the infamous Soi Cowboy street of prostitutes and strip clubs. The best adventure by far jumping on a sleeper train to Chiang Mai to stay at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary, which rescues abused/exploited/injured elephants […]

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Are You Ready For Camp Spin Off 2017?

Watching the video from last year and getting excited to meet all the new campers and see everyone again. So many fun things planned this year and announcements on the way…

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Hip Hop Lives In Cambodia

Living in Cambodia for a month gave me the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people and organizations. My favorite was Tiny Toones, who works with kids from some of the worst areas of poverty, giving them a place to learn and stay inspired through hip hop: Break dancing, DJing, MCing and graffiti […]

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First Time In Vietnam Top 7 Activities

My first few days in Vietnam were not easy.  I definitely underestimated the frustrations that can come with transitioning from living in one city to the next on remote year. Leaving a place I grew to love (Malaysia), new friends and favorite foods to be thrown into a sea of motorcycle traffic, getting lost in […]

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Gone On Remote Year!

I was scrolling Instagram one day and came across an ad. It was showing a guy walking into a hotel room, tossing his carry on bag aside and doing a slow motion backwards swan dive onto the bed. The caption read: “Travel The World While Working Remotely.  Now Accepting Applications!” If you can get your […]

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The DJ Gift Guide!

If your doing some Christmas shopping and are stuck on what to get that DJ in your life, I got you covered. Without getting into the technicalities of various equipment, here is a general list of what I think every DJ would love to have… 1. Record Frames – Most DJs have a few sentimental […]

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PBS Features DJ Tina T in “Women and Girls Lead” Series!

Women and Girls Lead Shorts profile American women from all walks of life who inspire us with stories of resilience, hope, and empowerment. This series, created for the web and TV, is a collaboration between husband-and-wife filmmakers Carl and Betsy Crum, the Independent Television Service (ITVS), and several local public television stations in the United […]

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DJ Tina T. On Master Of The Mix – “Hip Hop Challenge”

Today on Master Of The Mix, our challenge is to tell the story of Hip Hop. This is definitely the most comfortable and confident I have felt so far on the show. I started out as a Hip Hop DJ and love playing old school sets! The requirements of the Hip Hop Challenge are to […]

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Should Female DJ’s Be Separated In Competitions?

I read a tweet this morning from @ifelicious  about a new female DJ competition that inspired this blog post: “The ‘She Can DJ’ Talent Search Is Coming To America ” First off, the name of this new show is annoying: “She Can DJ”, implies that women can not DJ. Off to a bad start […]

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