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In RPGs, the Glass Cannon tends to be a Squishy Wizard

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If it weren't for the instant recognizability of the characters, the original shorts and the latest episodes would look like different shows. Left the Background Music On: Played with. Oobi and Kako take out a radio to play "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" in two episodes. Limited Social Circle: The shorts and most episodes in the first season only feature the four main characters. Limited Wardrobe: Played straight with the main characters, who only dress up when the plot...


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Animal Talk: The animals can talk to each other and to their

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Enemy Mine: A group of centaurs agree to put their differences with Hercules aside to deal with the mutual threat to both of them. Fan Disservice: The reveal of Horrorscope's face shows that her mouth is a grotesquely deformed and mutilated set of razor sharp fangs with no lips. Fighting for a Homeland: The giants in issue 2 are essentially refugees from the Underworld, because something forced them out. Generic Doomsday Villain: In Gods of War 3, Hercules...


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” He took one bite, and had to stop

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Limited Social Circle: The only human Kat hangs out with is a boy named Oscar; she tries to make friends with the Phoebes and their social circle, but was cruelly rejected. In the episode where Kat, Oscar, and Kenny become a band, they were joined by a nameless girl. Mama Bear: Kat towards Kenny and her mother towards both her children. Mixed Ancestry: Kat is half white (Peter) and half Asian (Grace). New Age Retro Hippie: Peter. It's...


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