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Giant Enemy Crab: Kanigance, the robot crab Mini Boss from

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Pig Bride has examples of: Alpha Bitch: Doe Doe Animal Motifs: Princess Ki Ryong, the snake assassin, who is "filled with snake ki". Beautiful All Along: Mu Yeon has appeared with half her mask off from the eyes up and nose down; combine both halves with her previous incarnation and she's an adorable girl. In volume 4 the mask comes off and she is indeed extremely beautiful. As if it was any big surprise. Big Eater: Mu Hwa,...


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Drowning Pit: “The Head Girls” has a variation

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Fairy Sexy: Most fairies from the god cards. Fanservice: Has long been criticized for the very skimpy outfits and impossible anatomy of some of the cards. The developers have taken it a step further, adding Jiggle Physics to some of the event animations, and Lampshading it by literally naming a temporary event card pack "Fanservice Card Pack". Fanservice Costumes: If you name it, it probably exists in some fashion on a card. Bare Your Midriff Chainmail Bikini /...


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