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When Celestia gifts it to Tercio

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Do Not Go Gentle: Armageddon is underway. and Hellboy have won countless battles, but each comes with a terrible cost. No one has any hope for victory at this point. The only thing they can hope for is to prevent their enemies from remaking the world in their image, fulfill the end of days with courage, and throw a light into the future, as what may have been destined all along. Dull Surprise: Liz Sherman's...


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Some critics have joked they believed this entire film was an

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Tomboy and Girly Girl: Fizz and Deets, respectively. The former is a Gadgeteer Genius, the latter dresses in pink and has a collection of unicorn dolls. They both still kick ass, though. Torpedo Tits: Bedlam's Riot Bots have these. They are literally armed to the teeth, making them dangerous foes for the Dojo Crew. Transformation Sequence: This show makes a huge deal out of the kids putting on their safety gear. Parodied in one episode though where it...


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Judge Judy is not amused, pointing out that this is assault,

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Try having a positive personal life after that. Kubrick Stare: Judge Judy directs these and Death Glares at litigants who are demonstrating unusual dishonesty, stupidity, or are otherwise trying her patience. Laxative Prank: One defendant pulls a variation of this, giving a cookie laced with marijuana instead of a laxative to the plaintiff. Judge Judy is not amused, pointing out that this is assault, not a prank. Living Lie Detector: Judge Judy herself is, in her own words,...


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Of course, that means Jack getting the silent clock at the end

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Kenshiro in Fist of the North Star. Incorruptible, protective of all children and women, intolerant of evil and dedicated to bringing hope and joy to a world ravaged by nuclear fire. Anyone good hearted person who knows his name cries joyful tears when he walks into town, while every thug promply wets themselves. Yes, he may kill all of his opponents in gruesome ways while telling them "You Are Already Dead," but none of that...


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One Hour Work Week: Enforced by Toni and Candace

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Originally broadcast on Fox (1991 1994), this half hour Sitcom would have been just an ordinary office based comedy except for its use of one of the most imaginative devices ever tried on broadcast television: the viewers were allowed to see the inner workings of the title character's mind. The inside of Herman Brooks' head was presented as an attic in which dwelt four characters who represented the conflicting forces which drove his personality and his life: Angel...


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Most of his time at sea was working trade routes around Africa

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Conrad's youth as a merchant sailor on French and British vessels, provides the background for most of his seafaring works. Most of his time at sea was working trade routes around Africa and India at the height of The British Empire, which informs most of his other works. In his lifetime, he was regarded as a great talent by the likes of Henry James, Rudyard Kipling and he later influenced artists like Graham Greene, T. S. Eliot, Orson...


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