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No Baltimore County public schools use metal detectors

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Cheap Canada Goose sale If you see something and have a concern, report it.”Michael Dorn, who runs the Georgia based nonprofit Safe Havens International, said calls for metal detectors are common after school incidents involving guns or knives. But “they’re a little more involved to use them properly in schools than most people realize,” he said, adding that he favors “human based” techniques that focus on observing students’ behavior.No Baltimore County public schools use metal detectors, school officials say. But there are police officers who spend their days on high school campuses, and there was at least one officer assigned to Perry Hall High School on Monday because it was the first day of the academic year.The county superintendent said security would be beefed up at the school on Tuesday, when it is scheduled to reopen, but he would not discuss details.After several weapons related incidents in Baltimore last year, the city school system vowed a renewed emphasis on requiring middle and high schools to do random checks using metal detectors and hand wands. Cheap Canada Goose sale

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