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Camp Spin Off 2012 Recap!

Now that the third year of Camp Spin Off is wrapped up, I want to take a second to reflect on what an amazing and inspirational week we had. Music culture is changing so quickly each year that you never know what experiences you will leave with…

Most importantly, Camp Spin Off would not be possible without the support from our sponsors who funded scholarships to youth organizations across the country and allow us to keep making camp better each year! Thank you: Skull Candy, Traktor, Hyundai, RE:Generation, Scratch DJ Academy and Red Bull.

I was really excited to see a ton of familiar faces of return campers this summer! Watching the progress in campers over the years is very rewarding. I love conversing about different DJ equipment campers bought and experimented with, what types of things they are saving up for and what projects they are working on.

We start the week off every year with one of my favorite things: Ice breakers! This is when the walls start to come down and we start getting to know each other. Everyone gets goofy, laughs, sings, jumps, screams and dances and I love it!

From here, I would have to write a novel to share every story from camp this summer, but DJ As-Is beat me to it anyway by writing an entertaining and hilarious blog, giving an inside look at what really goes on at Camp Spin Off from a camp counselors perspective. You can read it all by CLICKING HERE!

Ever since Camp Spin Off ended this summer and I see people that ask me how things went, I notice myself turning into that girl from American Pie who has endless stories from Band Camp and make them wish they never asked! Everyone involved walks away with a different experience, and for those of you who were not able to join us… here are my top 5 moments from Camp Spin Off 2012!

1.  RE:Generation Music Project: Everyone brought out their sleeping bags, pillow and blankets, we handed out Pop Chips and had movie night! This was such a great film. I left with a new outlook on music collaborations and mixing old generation with new. The best part was having a surprise visit from the films creative director: Nick Davidge! He shared stories from working on the film and with the various artists, answered questions and then made s’mores with us by the camp fire.








2. Farewell Party: This is when the whole week came together. Everyone knows each other and is comfortable. People had learned all week in classes and had the opportunity to get on stage and scratch. Its a bitter sweet goodbye to everyone but we are outside under the stars, loud music bumpin, a photo booth and glow tubes! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect night:)

3. Pool party with The Captains Of Industry: After the Q & A, Campers really got to know DJ Graham Funke and Stonerokk who make up this DJ duo. We listened to everything from outlandish claims of curing Malaria to real advice like “Don’t Worry about the fame and money, just worry about DJing correctly.” – Stonerokk

Once I got pushed in the pool, I had to go change, but looked out from my cabin to see everyone jiving, jamming, doing soul trains and conga lines around the pool to a classic and unpredictable set of motown and oldies hits!  Young kids with old souls…

4. ScreenWerks DJ Showcase: Its safe to say that all of our minds were blown away when the video DJ crew: ScreenWerks showed up and did a showcase for us. Mixing video clips of Jean Claude Van Dam doing the dougie, South Park and Star Wars with bumpin electro, house, hip hop and more was incredible. People were laughing, cheering and DJ Costik ended by pulling up an old interview I did on youtube and throwing down and incredible scratch set with it. Never seen anything like it. WOW!

5. Girls Prank On Boys Cabins: If any campers are reading this, I am not in any way encouraging pranks at camp. However, this was very well executed on the last night. The girls filled bags of water balloons, super soakers and were armed with water balloon distance launchers. This was a war zone and hilarious to watch!

On top of these favorite moments, I could rant on and on about catching tarantulas and frogs, night hikes, s’mores, volleyball tournaments, water gun wars, dance parties, scratch sessions, twitter challenges…. you get the idea!

Originally, Camp Spin Off was intended to educate young aspiring DJ’s. This year I realized the adults involved are coming away with a positive, optimistic and motivated outlook on our next generation of DJ’s.

I think I can speak for all the counselors, staff, teachers, volunteers and guests by thanking each and every camper for bringing their thirst for knowledge and passion for music to camp. Nothing is more incredible than seeing the same excitement in campers that I had when first learning how to DJ. So once again, THANK YOU campers for reminding us each year why we love what we do so much!

Thank you to everyone who was willing to take time out of their busy schedules to be involved and share their years of experience and knowledge freely with everyone at camp: DJ As-Is, DJ Evil One, DJ Lezlee, DJ Crykit, DJ Dazzler, DJ Printz Paul, DJ Serafin, DJ Sir Marcus, DJ Rob Shot, DJ Montez, Priscilla, DJ Riz, DJ Costik, DJ Steve1der, ScreenWerks, Shecky Green, Samantha Ronson, DJ Young Skeeter, Eric Dlux, DJ Five, Graham Funke, Stonerokk, Karen, Julie, Nick Davidge, Keoni, DJ MC.

Thank you to all the people and companies who donated product for our gift bags: S.K.A.M, Keep A Breast, Etnies, Pop Chips, New Era, Murad, Unite Hair and KICK-MIX Productions.

Thank you Acrylick Clothing for making our awesome camp T- shirts every year!

Check out all the world-wide press, media support and coverage we got leading up to camp this year:

Let the countdown to summer 2013 begin…

– DJ Tina T.

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