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Bathtub Scene shows double standard for Female DJs

Today I noticed a tweet from @DJGinaTurner that sparked my interest and inspired this blog post:

“Can we find something to talk about other than a girl dj in a bathtub and what “real house music is”? Lets talk about how good pizza tastes!”

I immediately pictured a woman DJing naked in a bathtub and rolled my eyes. After doing a quick google search, I came across “sexism within electronic music” and even “Bathgate!” In the center of all the criticism is an electronic music DJ from Russia: Nina Kraviz. Resident Advisor, One of the world’s largest independent electronic online music magazines created a short documentary, following her on the road as part of their new video series: “Between The Beat.”

Before this, I had never heard of Nina Kraviz and most of you who know me and my motto:”Less Skin, More Skill,” probably think I will jump all over this with negative feedback, but I see nothing wrong with she does in this video and I actually found myself relating to her in a very personal way. I will let you watch first and then explain:

WATCH VIDEO (11 minutes).

All of the immediate criticism I read online has to do with two scenes: Opening up with her in a bikini on the beach and of course taking a bubble bath in her hotel room. Well, I hate to break it to you guys, but most women DO wear bikinis on the beach and I have to confess that my favorite thing to do after a gig on the road is take a bath as well. If you want to truly document what any particular DJ does on the road, then keep it real and that is exactly what I felt they did.

The double standard comes in because I think if it was a man in the bath tub, no one would have had much to say. Depending on what “Male DJ” it was, people would most likely be cracking up in laughter. No one is ever going to accuse them of trying to use their sexuality to get ahead. This bubble bath is part of her lifestyle, its something she enjoys. If they are going to really show her her life on the road in this documentary, then why would she refuse to let them include this because of any fear of people thinking she is trying to sell sex? Should all female DJ’s who want respect take note to not allow ourselves to be shown in a bikini on the beach or in a bathtub? What year is this again?

This video was well done. It shows a personal and vulnerable story, which, in my opinion focuses less on Nina’s looks and sexuality and more on how lonely it gets on the road as a traveling DJ (Male or Female). Maybe some people are too distracted by the fact she does happen to be naturally beautiful, but I don’t think they focus on playing up her looks. The most I see of any makeup is 3 sec of her putting some powder on before running out the door.

Female DJ’s, credible or not, will have to live with the burden of being scrutinized by people for using their sexuality to get bookings. Granted, there is a reason we have this burden in the first place and its because there are many gimmicks out there where women are feeding this stereotype by DJing topless and exploiting their bodies to the fullest.

This quote is a great example of the double standard females should prepare themselves for in any male dominated industry: “Nina’s femininity is both her passport to fame and fortune and the stick with which she’ll be beaten.”Greg Wilson

I pulled a few quotes from Nina’s response to criticism on the bathtub scene, but you can read her full response by clicking here.

“The idea that any boy can do what ever he wants and it’s all fine and girl needs to behave? Behave like not even put make up because “oh my god, she can’t be taken seriously if she is pretty and feminine-means if she is her self” – Nina Kraviz

“I have my right to be who I am and you can like it or not.” – Nina Kraviz

I know nothing about Nina, she might decide to re brand herself as a sex icon now, haha! I don’t really care either way, the point is, its HER decision what feels right for her. Its a decision that the majority of  men in her position don’t have the burden of dealing with the repercussions of. I’m glad this video sparked a conversation that needs to be had.

These are just my opinions, Please share your comments!


– Tina T.


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