December, 2013

Genre Shift: As mentioned above

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And then there's the bonus tracks, live albums, compilations. Genre Shift: As mentioned above, Heritage and all studio albums after it have no metal influences. Hates Everyone Equally: Blackwater Park has themes of this according to the Blackwater Park: Legacy Edition linear notes by Mikael. I Love the Dead: The subject of "The Leper Affinity". Last Note Nightmare: "Burden" nothing said. Also "A Fair Judgement". "Nectar" manages to get two in the space of about...


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The most obvious rule for telling genders apart is that the

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The "face" and/or torso are special parts of the combined form. They're the most identifiable, and they're generally where the cockpit is. It's why we have special importance for the locations of our brain and heart. So with mecha, the part that is most important will be formed by the personal mecha of the most important character, generally The Hero, or a spotlight stealing variety of Sixth Ranger. Because the position is special but can only be handed...


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Some critics have joked they believed this entire film was an

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Tomboy and Girly Girl: Fizz and Deets, respectively. The former is a Gadgeteer Genius, the latter dresses in pink and has a collection of unicorn dolls. They both still kick ass, though. Torpedo Tits: Bedlam's Riot Bots have these. They are literally armed to the teeth, making them dangerous foes for the Dojo Crew. Transformation Sequence: This show makes a huge deal out of the kids putting on their safety gear. Parodied in one episode though where it...


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We are living in an age where everything is instant from

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Everything is ready to go with this bow package. This particular bow looks absolutely stunning with its Mossy oak infinity camo paint job. It also provides limb pockets. There are many sites out there that will allow you to stream the games. Some sites will require you to set up an account and download the software, and others will let you just stream from their webpage. Either way, it simple and fast, and you get to watch the...


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