April, 2013

Master Of The Mix w/ DJ Tina T. – Behind The Scenes (Episode 1)

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Reality TV, something I never thought I would do! Honestly, I still can't answer the question "Was it a good or bad experience?" It was definitely the most intense, challenging, difficult, exhausting, exhilarating and traumatizing experience of my DJ career so far. Was it good or bad? I won't be able to tell you until the season has wrapped, but for now, lets talk about episode 1... Two days before flying to Miami to film the show, I...


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Er zijn twee basisvormen van Bariatrische operatie (ook bekend

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If they have a career, it’s expected they will state very

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” He prefers to drink his vodka neat and

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These are ball and socket located at the hip and shoulder

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The children infected with Geostigma develop them after

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This eliminates a huge amount of the stress surrounding missed

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